The Concept Mapping Academy aims to learn how to construct and use concept maps. Our site takes you from building your first concept map, through tutorials on how to construct concept maps and use them in your field, to getting Certified as a proficient Cmapper. 

This site is still under construction and therefore incomplete. The certification test is not complete is not complete but you can try it out, as well as the Tutorial. We welcome your feedback.

How Good is My Cmap?

Evaluate how well you're designing concept maps. Our automated system will grade your concept map.


My First Cmap

Combine your knowledge with practice and build your first concept map. We'll show you step by step what to do next.


I Want To Learn

Whether you're new to concept maps or just need to refresh, our system will teach you everything you need to know


Certify Me

You learned, you practiced, now get your certification in concept mapping from Concept Mapping Academy


About Us

The Concept Mapping Academy is a

non-for profit Organization.

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