The Certification process is meant to assess your concept mapping knowledge and competence. Three levels of certification are available: Basic, Advanced and Professional. Each level is achieved by presenting and passing an online test. You can present each of the tests as many times as needed. Once the certificate exam is passed, you can request a certificate be sent to you via email for a fee.

The certification process is not yet available. You can take a preliminary version of the Basic Level 1 Certification test but its not complete, some items are missing.

Level 1: Basic Level Certificate

The Basic Level Certificate holder knows basic terminology of concept mapping and can construct Level 5 concept maps as determined by the Topological Taxonomy. The holder will understand the terms concept, linking words or linking phrasespropositions, branching points and crosslinks and is able to identify concepts within a text, is able to construct meaningful propositions by selecting appropriate concepts and/or linking words, and is able to construct a concept map of Level 5 in the Topological Taxonomy, which requires several levels of hierarchical structure, branching points and cross-links.

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Level 2: Advanced Level Certificate

The Advanced Level Certificate holder is able to construct 'complex' concept maps, reaching Taxonomical Topography Level 6, and, given a set of concepts, construct a complete map, with correct propositions. The holder is also able to analyze other people’s concept maps and identify why they are not good concept map, and correct the problems with the map, showing an understanding of the attributes of good concept maps.

Level 3: Professional Level Certificate

The Professional Level Certificate holder has a deep understanding of concept maps beyond the structural components of the map. The holder will understand the idea of centrality of a concept, and the importance and implications of the focus question on the construction of concept maps. From a given set of concepts or from a text, the holder is able to construct a high quality concept map, both from the structural as well as the content perspective.

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