Basic Level Certificate

Basic Level Certificate    

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What knowledge and skills are needed to obtain the Basic Level Certificate?

The Basic Level Certificate holder knows basic terminology of concept mapping and can construct Level 5 concept maps as determined by the Topological Taxonomy. The holder will understand the terms concept, linking words or linking phrasespropositions, branching points and crosslinks and is able to identify concepts within a text, is able to construct meaningful propositions by selecting appropriate concepts and/or linking words, and is able to construct a concept map of Level 5 in the Topological Taxonomy, which requires several levels of hierarchical structure, branching points and cross-links.

Specifically, the Basic Level Certificate holder knows:

    • What is a concept?
    • What are linking words / linking phrases?
    • What is a proposition?
    • What are crosslinks?
    • What are branching points?
    • How to create a concept map that is classified as Topological Taxonomy Level 5 or higher

More specifically, the Basic Level Certificate holder can:

    • Distinguish between concepts and other ‘words’
    • Identify concepts from a list of words or from a text
    • Select appropriate linking words from a list
    • Select appropriate linking words to construct a valid proposition
    • Identify valid propositions
    • Identify concepts, linking phrases, branching points and crosslinks in a concept map
    • Construct valid propositions given a set of concepts and linking words
    • Given a set of concepts, construct a concept map, that:
      • Is classified as Topological Taxonomy Level 5 or higher
      • Has appropriate concepts, linking words and propositions
      • Has several levels of hierarchy
      • Has branching points
      • Has cross links

What does the certificate look like?

Click on this icon to get a full view of the certificate.

How many times can I take the Basic Level Certificate test?

You can take the test as many times a you need to until you pass it. However, if you don't pass the test, you may want to review the content based on the feedback to be better prepared the next time you take the test.

How much time does it take to complete the Basic Level Certificate test?

The time depends on the individual, but the expected duration is 15 to 45 minutes. Once you start a test, you cannot stop and continue later on -- you need to complete it in one session.

Can I get help from a friend when completing the test?

No, the test is individual and you are required to accept and declare that you did not receive any help while completing the test.

How do I take the test?

The test is completed online, using a Web browser.

How much does it cost to take the test?

Taking the test is free. Once you pass the test, getting a signed Certificate (in PDF format) has a cost of $xx.

Where can I learn what is needed to be prepared for the Basic Level Certificate Level?

We provide tutorials on all the knowledge and skills needed for the Basic Level Certificate. Go here to view the tutorials...

How do I know if my concept map is classified as Topological Taxonomy Level 5 or higher?

Go to our section "How Good is My Cmap?" ... drag and drop your CmapTools Cmap and get it evaluated.

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