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In some cases the same word can be a concept or not depending on its use.

For example, in the following two propositions, the word "run" in the first case is not a concept as it is used as a verb -- it is not a concept. In the second case, it is used in terms of Baseball's scores, and is a concept.

Cheetahs run fast

Baseball Games are won by scoring runs

In English, you also have the case where a verb can be used as a noun, as in the sentence:

"I usually go for a run in the morning."

Here, the word "run" is used as an act of running.

As was discussed earlier, we try to use the smallest number of words for the label of a concept. However, there are concepts that consist of more than word, like:

Scuba Diving

Horseback Riding

Atomic Energy

A common mistake when starting to construct concept maps is to write whole sentences as concepts. Being able to identify the concepts when building a concept map is one of the first, and key steps.

Lets practice identifying the concepts for a topic with the following exercise.

Understanding concepts allows you to start putting together Propositions, the next step in building a concept map. But first, we need to take a look at what are Linking Words. Click here to continue...

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