Branching Points

We'll use the concept map you just created to explain the Branching Points of a concept map. The concept map you created most likely looks something like this:


Sports Cmap

Sports Cmap


The concept map offers a few points to discuss.  Note that there are many concepts and linking phrases at which the concept map ramifies, that is, more than one connection comes out of the concept or linking phrase. We refer to these as ramification points of the Cmap. For comparison, lets present again the first version of this concept map:


Sports 1 (bad Cmap)

Sports 1 (bad Cmap)


In this initial Cmap, only the Sports (root) concept has more than one connection going out. The rest are linear strands of concepts and linking words. This initial Cmap has a ramification count of 1. In the final Cmap, Sports continues to be the only ramified concept, but there are many ramified linking phrases: are usually competitivetake place throughintent to provide, and aim to improve. This final Cmap has a ramification count of  1 ramified concept and 4 ramified linking phrases, for a branching point count of 5. This map is based on a short text and consists of few concepts, and so in this case its a reasonable ramification count.

Lets do an exercise of identifying branching points.


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