The next step is to start building the propositions. Given the text and the concepts already on the canvas, this should not be difficult. Please construct the rest of the concept map in this next exercise. Here is a copy of the original text:

Sports are usually competitive physical activities or games that aim to improve physical ability and skills. They take place through casual or organized participation, and intend to provide enjoyment to participants, and entertainment for spectators.

You have now followed the process of building a concept map. Although there is no single best way of constructing one, just as there is no single best way to write a novel, (a) listing the concepts in the 'parking lot', (b) organizing them hierarchically on the canvas, and (c) linking the concept using linking phrases to form propositions, is a good way to come up with a first version of the concept map.

We'll now look at one of the topological characteristics or structures of concept maps: the branching points.

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