Getting Started with CmapTools

For the construction of concept maps we'll be using a version of the CmapTools concept mapping software. This software does for concept mapping what a word processor does for writing: it allows the user to easily construct and modify concept maps. As we have seen, a concept map consists of concepts connected through linking words to form propositions. To continue with this tutorial its important that you learn how to use this tool to construct concept maps.  The following video explains how to create concepts and linking words, and how to connect them to form concept maps. Click on the video to start playing it.




Lets continue by practicing the use of CmapTools. Since the intention is for you to become comfortable with the tools, we'll provide you with the concepts and linking words (or linking phrases).

For now, this is all you need to know about constructing a Cmap with CmapTools (we tend to use the term Cmap to refer to a concept map built using software, such as CmapTools).  We'll learn more about the software further along in the tutorial, but if you are eager to go deeper, you can visit the CmapTools website.

You can proceed with the tutorial by clicking here.

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