We have already mentioned that in a concept map, concepts are linked together by linking words to form propositions. A proposition, in the context of concept mapping, is a small sentence, a claim, or a statement about a concept.

The proposition:

Birds have Hollow Bones

expresses a known fact about birds: that they have hollow bones. Birds and Hollow Bones are concepts, and have is the linking word that connects them to form the proposition. Notice that the proposition can be read as a sentence, and it makes sense -- it communicates an idea. If you know what a bird is, and you know what a bone is, and you can imagine a hollow bone, then the statement or proposition makes sense.

In the following example, select the linking words from the option that would form a proposition that makes sense.

Using the same concept map about the Roman Empire shown below that we used to identify linking words, the following is a list of some of the propositions in the map:

Roman Empire was established in 27 BC

Roman Empire lasted approximately 500 years

Roman Empire was a Dominant Power

Dominant Power depended on the Army

Dominant power was over Extensive Territories

Roman Empire

Note that if you take any two concepts and the linking words that connect them, you get a valid proposition. Sometimes you need to use three or more concepts to form a proposition, but we will look at these cases later.

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