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Sometimes the concept map is structurally a little more complicated, but the composition of linking words connecting concepts to form propositions is maintained. Look at the following concept map on Clouds.


The number of connecting lines may be confusing, but the structure is the same as in the previous maps. From the root concept Clouds, the following three propositions originate:

Clouds are formed by Rising Vapor

Clouds are composed of Liquid Droplets

Clouds are composed of Frozen Crystals

The following three propositions originate from the concept Rising Vapor:

Rising Vapor condenses onto Dust

Rising Vapor condenses into Liquid Droplets

Rising Vapor condenses into Frozen Crystals

And the following three propositions originate from the concept Liquid Droplets:

Liquid Droplets are formed around Dust

Liquid Droplets are suspended in the Atmosphere

Liquid Droplets are made up of Water

Liquid Droplets are made up of Chemicals

The rest of the propositions in the concept map are:

Frozen Crystals are formed around Dust

Frozen Crystals are suspended in the Atmosphere

Frozen Crystals are made up of Water

Frozen Crystals are made up of Chemicals

Dust are suspended in the Atmosphere

Atmosphere is of a Planetary Body

Note that the following are not propositions from the Clouds concept map:

Rising Vapor are formed by Clouds

(the arrows show that the proposition is formed from top to bottom from Clouds to Rising Vapor)

Clouds are formed by Rising Vapor condenses onto Dust

(these are two propositions: (a) Clouds are formed by Rising Vapor, and (b) Rising Vapor condenses onto Dust)

There are cases in which a proposition extends through more than two concepts. We'll look at some examples later in the tutorial.

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