How good is my Cmap?

Our Cmap Analyzer evaluates the structural components of the Cmap, such as the composition of concepts (e.g. number of words in the concept) and propositions, the branching points, the crosslinks, and overall structure. The evaluation is based on the Topological Taxonomy, which designates the Cmap a level between 1 and 6 depending on a set of criteria.

The Cmap Analyzer does not evaluate the content of the Cmap. That is, it does not verify whether the content is correct or incorrect.

How do I use the Cmap Analyzer?

The Cmap Analyzer can take as input concept maps constructed with the CmapTools software, both in the .cmap and .cxl format. You can submit the Cmap in various ways:

    1. Drag-and-drop the Cmap directly from the CmapTools Views window directly onto the box below.
    2. In CmapTools, use the File->Export Cmap As... -> CXL file, and then drag-and-drop the exported file to the box below.
    3. If the Cmap is on a CmapServer, and you know the URL for the Cmap, copy and paste the URL to the field below.

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